Frequently Asked Questions


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      • Just enter the keyword(s) , location and the specialism in the form on the top of the page to search millions of jobs.
      • No! Jooobz will never charge job seekers for anything. So go crazy, search, create job alerts, save jobs, apply, and post your resume online -- it's all free.
      • Please note that the hiring manager(s) for the job you applied to have already received your resume and contact information, and closing your account will not change that fact. You cant not deactivate your account but can delete all the information provided and unsubscribe to the mails of Jooobz which will prevent from future mails to your account.
      • Job alerts are daily emails that include the latest opportunities for your job search. You can create up to 20 job alerts and can change or cancel them at any time on your job alerts page.
      • We highly recommend you complete your profile in Jooobz, which will help employers get to know you and help you stand out more when you apply to jobs.
      • Your resume (and interview question searchable responses, if any) will be immediately emailed to the position's hiring manager. If you submit a cover letter, that will be sent as soon as you submit it.

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